NEWN Website Spring Updates

Welcome to Spring! Of course in some parts of New England it still looks and feels like winter will be with us for a bit longer.  Anyways, while we are await the arrival of warmer days,  Dick (K1MGH) and myself (W1AYX) are working on giving our NEWN website a bit of a facelift and testing out some new features.  Here is a quick rundown of some of the latest changes.

In addition to our updated banner, compliments of Sam Caron, you may notice a new menu item entitled, “Report Online” which leads to an online reporting form.  This online form is currently being tested out and, when fully implemented, should aid our Net Manager and the other Net Controls in receiving your reports in a more uniformed format (order, font size, etc). Although it is always preferred to receive your reports by radio, this online method of data submission is a great way to send along reports when the band conditions are not favorable. It should also allow Short Wave Listeners the opportunity to submit a report without trying to find an email address for the current net control.

The form is located here:

Another area of development is the WX Links page that has many helpful weather related links. On this page there is a list of NEWN member web and APRS personal weather stations. If you have a station that is not on the list and want to be included please pass on the URL and we will be sure to add it.

You may also notice a new link under the menu item “How to Report” entitled “Measuring Precipitation”. This page has some short training videos that are really helpful in learning how to take precipitations measurements. These are from the CoCoRaHS program and are worth the watch.

We hope to expand this training area in the future.

Another addition is an embedded Google calendar under the menu “Member Area” entitled “NEWN Calendar”. This calendar has the latest Net Control Schedule and session numbers.  If you use Google calendars you can subscribe to this calendar by clicking the “+GoogleCalendar” button in the bottom right of the calendar screen.

We’ll try and keep you posted as things progress with this project. As always, we welcome your ideas and feedback. Please feel free to leave a comment or mention it on the net when you check-in.

Jack (W1AYX) – Madawaska, ME