February in Acushnet MA from Tom Carr, WA1KDD

A much milder than normal February here in the northern  part of Acushnet with above normal precipitation and below normal snowfall.  It was the warmest Feb. 38.1 deg. on my 34 years of temperature records.  20 years ago Feb. of 1998 had a mean of 37.4 deg..

17 days this month saw measurable precipitation and it was the wettest February since 2008 had 6.98″ of precip..  The high barometer reading of 30.81″ on Feb. 13th. was the highest in February since 1981 reached 30.93″ at my location also on a Feb. 13th..

The Winter Season 2017-2018 was exactly normal temperature  wise with a mean of 32.2 deg.. It was the wettest Winter Season since 20.39″ fell during 1997-1998.  Snowfall was below the normal.

February 2018     Acushnet, Mass.    41deg,44min N   70deg, 55min W

Ave High     47.4 deg. Ave Low     28.8 deg. Feb. Mean     38.1 deg. is 6.8 deg. above normal.  High Temp    59 deg. on Feb. 20th.  Low Temp     07 deg. on Feb. 3rd   Days 0 or below      0

Total Precip.     6.43″ is 2.45″ above normal  Max 24hr. Precip.     1.18″ on Feb. 10-11th. Snowfall     2.9″ is 8.3″ below normal.   Max 24hr. Snowfall     1.8″ on Feb. 18th.  Total 2018 Precip.     13.66″ is 5.36″ above normal

T-Storm Days     0.   High Wind Gust     29 mph on Feb.2nd.  Heating Degree Days     760 Cooling Degree Days      0

High Barometer      30.81″ on Feb.13th.  Low Barometer     29.44″ on Feb. 5th.

The Winter Season 2017-2018  ( dec,jan,feb)  Ave. Temp     32.2 deg. is exactly normal . Total Precip.     17.20″ is 4.09″ above norma. l  Snowfall     24.8″ is 4.5″ below normal