Strong Snow Squall on Christmas Day

Mid-morning on Christmas day saw a strong snow squall pass through North Falmouth.  It lasted for close to an hour with high winds from all directions, blinding snow, and a rapid drop in temperature.  My anemometer recorded gusts to  38 MPH.  John, K1`J, 3.9 miles south of us recorded gusts to 55 MPH.  The pics below are from my Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station.  The event was brief.  The snow melted almost immediately and melted down to 0.20 inches of water.  There were some downed power lines and tree branches.  Then the Sun came out and it was a nice day!


This week we have had a fantastic band and we’ve recorded an average of 47 reports so far each day.  The Net Controls have been having a  problem with some of our Internet reports.  Take a look at the screen shot below and you’ll see that some of the data is “clipped” and the info we want is not right there.

So, some suggestions.  in the temperature field just put in the number, we know that it is Fahrenheit because that is what it says at the top of the column.

Barometer:  use “R” “F” or “S” rather than spelling out “rising slowly” etc.

Wind:  give the speed as “direction/current/gust/peak”, i.e. “NNW @ 5/10/25”

Sky:  use “10LS” or “10R”

Gradient; “35/23” , we know it’s Fahrenheit.

Rain:  give the number for the past 24 hours, “1.30”

New Snow:  give the new snow ford the past 24 hrs, “2.5”

Total Snow:  give the depth of accumulated snow on the ground, “5.5”

Use the space at the end for comments or details that you want to tell us.

See what I mean?  The clipping makes it a little more difficult for the Net Control.

Dick, K1MGH





A cooler than normal November here in the northern part of Acushnet with below
normal precipitation. The growing season ended with a hard freeze 19 degrees on Veterans
Day morning November 11th.. Most rain events were short lived until a day long rain on
November 22nd. dropped 1.54″.
A early Thanksgiving Day this year saw a sunny sky and the next 7 days until months end
were rain free. The main complaint this decent November was the wind with 10 days seeing
gusts to 25 mph or better.
No snow fell this November and the snowbird juncos even arrived late.
The Fall Season (sep,oct,nov) was warmer than normal by 2.5 degrees and it was a
little drier than usual. This was the 4th. Fall Season in a row above normal temperature wise.

November 2017 Acushnet, Mass. 41deg,44min N 70deg,55min W

Ave High 52.9 deg.
Ave Low 33.6 deg.
Nov. Mean 43.3 deg is 1.0 deg. below normal
High Temp 70 deg. on Nov. 3rd.
Low Temp 19 deg. on Nov. 11th.
Days 0 or below 0

Total Precip. 3.70″ is 1.11″ below normal
Max 24hr. Precip. 1.54″ on Nov. 22nd.
Snowfall 0 is 1.1″ below normal
Total 2017 Precip. 47.79″ is 0.02″ above normal

T-Storm Days 0
High Wind Gust 37 mph on Nov. 19th.
Heating Degree Days 659
Cooling Degree Days 0
High Barometer 30.53″ on Nov. 11th.
Low Barometer 29.16″ on Nov. 19th.

The Fall Season (sep,oct,nov)
Ave Temp. 56.4 deg. is 2.3 deg. above normal
Total Precip. 12.90″ is 0.54″ below normal


The barograph recording shows two large swings in barometric pressure .  Each trace represents two days and the two traces are a week apart, in November.  Each vertical line represents two hours.

The Bendix barograph is always within 0.01″ of the Davis barometer in my shack.  The Davis is outside the house and the Bendix is in my radio shack.  The Bendix is one of three barographs given to me by our former Net Manager, Bill Claflin, now deceased.  Bill was a good friend and I miss him.

Dick, K1MGH