Your Net Controls

W1AYX - Jack

Jack, W1AYX, is the current NEWN Net Manager and serves as net control on Mondays and Thursdays. He first became interested in the weather around age 12 after receiving some basic instruments and a book on meteorology as a Christmas gift. Jack got his general amateur license in 2015 and began participating in the NEWN soon after.  His past experience includes radio communication in the U.S. Army and working as an emergency services dispatcher for a regional communications center in central Maine.  Jack also volunteers as a Skywarn Spotter and a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador for the National Weather Service. He and his family currently reside in the community of Madawaska, Maine.

KC1LEC - Douglas

Douglas, K1GC, is net control for Wednesday and somewhat new to ham radio as well. I am very much enjoying radio as I learn and gain experience.I hope to upgrade to Extra this winter.  I have worked on the water as a small boat captain and in aviation as a pilot, but for the last 14 years I have worked as a steward (aka land manager) for a land trust here on the coast of Maine.  If I am not on the water visiting islands for work, I try to be sailing with my 11 year old daughter as much as time allows.  Otherwise I am watching weather, enjoying backyard astronomy, and hiking, biking or skiing here in Acadia.

K1WCC - Henry

Henry, K1WCC, net control on Tuesdays.  Henry is very active in ham radio and the Falmouth Amateur Radio Association.  He has recently retired from an oceanographic electronics career and enjoys his 8 grandchildren and camping with his wife of 48 years.  Henry is also WW2MAN, representing the Museum  Ship U-5075.  He lives in East Falmouth, MA.



Joan, KC1KZ, is net control on Fridays and lives in West Falmouth, MA.  Joan has become active in D-STAR transmission.  She enjoys flying and building model airplanes.  As a woodworker she has built furniture, boats, especially projects that require lathe work.  She is learning how to operate a CNG milling machine.  Joan taught in West Roxbury elementary schools for 10 years in the 1970-80’s.  Joan’s yellow lab, Bear, and her cat, Monroe, keep a close eye on her when she is on the NEWN.

K1TL- TomTom, K1TL, is our Saturday net control and lives in Tiverton, RI.

He has been a resident of Tiverton, RI for 32 years and is an avid amateur radio op for about 60 years.   Worked as a CW operator for RCA Global Communications from 1978-84 at their RCA Coastal Station WPA in Port Arthur TX.  This was the best job I ever had…working CW and getting paid for it.

He recently retired as an Electronic Technician with Purvis Systems working as a government contractor @ NUWC (Navy Undersea Warfare Center) in Newport/Middletown RI.  There he did a variety of jobs doing mostly fiber optic fabrication along with power cables, power racks, water cooled equipment, computer installation/repair work and supply work.

Once retired, Tom looked into getting back to Meteorology as that was my passion when I was a teenager, listening to Don Kent CH4/WBZ in the early AM before going to school and the NEWN on 3.905MCs (MCs, back then). He purchased the Davis Vantage PRO2 set up and put the wind instruments on the 55 foot tower in the back and temp/rain equipment off the side deck.

The K1TL Equipment is an Elecraft K3 w/KPA500 and a  Kenwood TS830S for backup.  80m inv-V off the tower.