Welcome to the New England Weather Net (NEWN) website.

The NEWN was founded in 1955 and meets Monday through Saturday at 5:30 AM – 6:30 AM Eastern on or about 3906 kHz using amateur (Ham) radio.

The primary purpose of this net is to share weather observations from stations located in the greater New England area of the United States. We do welcome reports from stations anywhere and have members from outside New England.

Regular participants will be assigned a roster number to help speed up check-ins but you do not need to be a member or have a number to participate.

Enjoy your visit and we hope to hear you on the air!

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KB1OWW Silent Key

Joe “June” Despres’ (KB1OWW) went silent key on July 29, 2021. He will be greatly missed by those of us who know him from the ham radio community. Joe had been participating with the NEWN since the 1960’s. His stories could entertain you for hours and he would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. Joe was truly a jack of all trades. He was with the Army (Green Berets) in Germany during the Cold War. He met his wife Karin there. He was an avid hunter, trapper, and outdoorsman. Joe could fix radios and built and modified a lot of equipment over the years. I will miss the “eye balls” over a cup of coffee in his ham shack and the long QSO’s over the air.

Obituary: https://www.lajoiefuneralhome.com/obituary/joseph-june-despres

Jack, W1AWX

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