Net Preamble and Closing Statement

Here is an example of a preamble to be read by the net control station at the start of the net:

Good morning! Calling the New England Weather Net. This is (CALLSIGN phonetically). My name is (NAME) and I’m located in (TOWN, STATE) and I will be operating as today’s net control. The New England Weather Net was founded in 1955 with the purpose of gathering weather observations from around the region. The net meets six days a week Monday through Saturday on or about this frequency of 3906 kHz. Regular participants will be assigned a roster number to help speed up check-ins.  However, you do not need to be a member or have a number to check in. Today’s session is (SESSION #) for (DATE).  Again this is station, (CALLSIGN). I will now stand by for check-ins. Please call with your number first and then your callsign.

Here is an example of a statement to read at the close of the net:

This has been session number (SESSION #) for (DATE).  I want to thank all (NUMBER) stations who checked in this morning for providing this public service. For further information please visit our website at The net is now closed and the frequency returned to general amateur use.  (CALLSIGN) is clear. 73.